Sephora Research Paper

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I have been to Sephora multiple times. Sometimes, my experience is great and other times, the employees are unwelcoming and rude. Hi! I’m Allie Barnes. I am an 8th grader at Silver Hills Middle School. Being 13 years old, I have started to get interested in real makeup. I have always been the type of child to love art in every form, and makeup is just another way I can express myself and experiment with how I look. I have been told multiple times that I need to change something about myself, or that something about me isn’t good enough, but when using makeup, I feel that all of my imperfections go away for awhile.

I have been to many makeup stores and Sephora is by far my favorite. Sephora is an amazing store with a wide selection of quality makeup products. I prefer coming to your store because it is more convenient for my area and I can almost always find what I need, although I have noticed that whenever I come to your store, I get treated like my money doesn’t …show more content…

I read multiple reviews online about your store and all of the ones I read were about the customer service. One customer stated, “I have never had that awful of service before. I was in need of a new foundation and I got treated like I wasn’t worth the employees time and like my money didn’t matter.” Another customer said, “When I asked for a sample, the employee claimed she was busy and said she would get someone else to help. No one came. Then I asked another employee, and she rudely said she was busy. Then I asked another one - same thing.” I feel that the employees should feel (or even pretend to feel) delighted to help their customers. The customers are the people who make you money so you can support yourself but if you are rude to them, they will stop coming to your store and you will stop making as much

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