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September 11 On Tuesday, September 11,2001 the unthinkable happened in America. The World Trade Centers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C were struck by airplanes that were hijacked by terrorists. This terrible tragedy killing many people had deep impact on the whole American citizens are grief stricken, left in fear, and full of revenge to the people who committed such an awful thing. September 11,2001 is the most tragic hour in the history of the United Sets, this terror attack was called a second Pearl Harbor. It was the deadliest assault on the United States in its history. Thousands of lives were suddenly ended. The attacks involved four synchronized plan hijackings, two from Boston, on from Newark and one from…show more content…
My mother remembers everything from that horrible day and its a day that she will never forget. She always says, “I will never forget were I was at the time the planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11,2001”. September 11,2001 had not only affected my family as a whole but it really affected many more people. Another person that 9/11 had affect on was one of my best friends families. My friend Ashley’s dad was in the South tower on September 10,2001 for work and he and his family never knew how lucky they would be to still have him here today. Ashley’s father was supposed to work on September 11,2001 but something came up, so he decided to work the day before. My friend said to me, “My family had never imagine something that horrible, that could have possibly taken my dad away form my family” . After that day Ashley’s family had never been so thankful that they still have him in their life. In 2012, I went to NYC with Ashley and her family to the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial. On that day her family all took a photo in front of the South tower to remember the people’s families that lost their lives and to remember that they could have lost one of their loves ones. September 11,2001 had affected peoples lives still to this day but the things is why did this horrible thing happen and what could we have done to prevent it. September 11 enveloped the country in a cloud of fear. The sense of being under assault was heightened in the following
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