Servant Leadership And Diverse Contexts

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Servant Leadership & Diverse Contexts
Mario Hernandez
GCU MGT: 410
October 2, 2015

Servant leadership isn’t applied or adequate to only one type of culture or even one type of culture. Servant leadership can actually be applied to all walks of life and all parts of the world. For example, the culture of the Japanese and the religion of the Hindu people both embrace a sense of what we call servant leadership. All religions and cultures have their own unique way in which they apply servant leadership, either based on their beliefs, history, or lifestyles. The significance of servant leadership is demonstrated in different ways within each culture and religion even when some cultures are not aware that what they are implying is servant leadership. As religions and cultures change and expand through time the concept of servant leadership is adapted and applied in different ways. First off, servant leadership has had a vast “emphasis on service to others and recognition that the role of organizations is to create people who can build a better tomorrow” (Peachey and Parris, 2012). Present organizations keep booming and growing, as they grow the leadership roles created within the organizations have become very important to the success of the business. This type of servant leadership is very evident in the Japanese culture, workplace, and their everyday household lives. Japanese culture is very prominent on giving back to their elders, it is especially enforced to those in

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