Customer Service In The Trucking Industry

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Trucking and Customer Service
Trucking companies are faced with a multitude of ever-changing responsibilities, all which can prove to be challenging for even the most experienced customer service department, or representative. Daily tasks include everything from customer relations and communication to advertising and maintenance.
Managing and coordinating the day-to-day activities to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, competency, and efficiency requires a customer service department to be knowledgeable about the many operational aspects of the company – marketing, labor, and communication factors all play an integral part with regard to the company’s complex and competitive relationship within the supply chain (Heidelberger). Trucks are the most commonly used mode of transportation; therefore, the trucking industry is a highly competitive field. Trucks account for nearly 70% of
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Quality customer service is indispensable for any company in the transportation industry; proving to be a leading factor, along with price and product, as to why customers will stay or stray (Wadhams, 2014). A few strategies used by leading industries to obtain higher satisfaction service levels include: practicing anticipatory services, adapting to changes within the industry in a timely manner, invite interaction, exercise discretion, stress safety, develop relationships on a name basis, and show transparency. With consistency, each of these procedures can lead to an outstanding customer service base and provide the framework for a strong, committed, and long-lasting organization displaying customer appreciation and rewarded with customer loyalty (10 Customer Service Tips from the Transportation Industry,
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