Service Learning Project Experience

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Prior to working on the service learning project, I had to pass the basic income tax course on the IRS website which required a lot of reading. I failed the first attempt so I had to re-read the basic tax course again. I finally passed and was ready for my experience in the service learning project
I participate in the service learning project on March 3 and March 31. On March 3, I experience working on the service learning project for the first time. It took me a while to setup because of problems with the tablet. The first client was a man who was married with 6 kids ranging from 2 years old to 14 years old. When I started his tax return, he had tax forms and tax records from last year. When I ask him do he have a Turbo Tax account, he said yes but then he started to give me all his paperwork because last year he had AARP Foundation Tax Aide complete his tax return which AARP does free tax returns on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Since this was my first time doing taxes for someone else besides my family members, I was nervous. This is when I realize that he was for AARP tax workshop. I reconfirm with him that I can complete his taxes. I had to enter all of his and the other family members of seven information in Turbo Tax. At first he was confused and since I was having tablet problems which cause me to enter information several times. After about 20 minutes, I was process his tax return quicker and he had more confidence in me. Plus he did not have any deductions and other
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