Service Management : Service Maintenance And Configuration Management

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3. Service Transition In Service Transition volume, the focus is on the implementation of the output of the service design activities and setting up of a production service or modification of an existing service. It guides in developing and improving capabilities for introducing new services into supporting environments. It often surrounds the “project” side of IT rather than business as usual (BAU). Topics such as managing changes to the BAU environment are covered in this volume. The processes covered in this volume – • Transition Planning and Support • Change Management • Service Asset and Configuration Management • Release and Deployment Management • Service Validation and Testing • Change Evaluation • Knowledge Management 4. Service Operation It is in operations and focuses on providing best practice for meeting of Service-Level Agreements both to end-users and customers (where “customers” are referred to individuals who pay for the service and negotiate the SLAs). It is the part of the lifecycle in which services and values are actually delivered directly. Also, problem monitoring and balance between service reliability and cost is taken into considerations. The functions include technical management, application management, operations management and service desk as well as, responsibilities for staff engaging in Service Operation. The processes covered in this volume – • Event Management • Incident Management • Request Fulfilment • Problem Management •
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