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Ted Guiongo Module: Services management marketing M00498708 Module Number: MKT 3125 Due date: 8/12/2014 Word: Count: ASSIGNEMENT 1 Service organisations must be in close relationship with their customers nowadays, mainly if they expect to enhance their service or gain a strategic advantage. Thereby most of firms interact consistently with the customer in order to perceive precisely what he needs and what he expects by buying the service. Many service management theories or techniques are applied by these organisations to obtain the desired outcomes. In this essay I will go through some of them: the service concept, understanding customer types and SERVQUAL customer perceptions and expectations. I am going to carry on a…show more content…
The Customer is not really interested in the process or the management of the resources. This perception might differ depending on the customers or staffs’ point of view. o The customer experience: It’s the customer’s judgement and answer to their participation and exchange throughout the service process and its outputs during the steps of their journey. o The services outcomes: The outcomes that the customer expects of the service process through products, benefits, emotion and judgments and intentions. Managers can use the service concept in a strategic goal to determine and communicate the nature of the business. Indeed several organisations can take control of their service concept and make it explicit. The service concept could also be used as an alignment tool that associate various organisational functions with joint aim and standard facing which their action can be checked. Another way that the service concept can be applied is by developing new service concepts to drive innovation and provide strategic advantage, as opening up new market or differentiating the organisation from the competition. By looking carefully at many factors as the market, the different customer segments or the customers’ expectations in those segments, and in the meantime getting a deep knowledge of the core competencies’ operation, will lead managers to gain new and innovative concepts that would attract customers and provide a considerable competitive edge to the
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