Sex, Religion, And Discrimination

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1. Chapter Summary
Historically, there has been race, sex, religion, and many other sources of discrimination worldwide. America has come a long way in bringing justice to those who have been discriminated, and to prevent it from happening by implementing relevant policies. However, it is apparent that traces of these historical discriminations have followed us onto the new era of the 21st century.

In the past few months alone, there were a few laws executed to stop inequity allowing for:
• Same sex marriage, and
• Gay/lesbian service in the military (this law is still limited to open transgender citizens) (1).

Gender pay gap, is also another evidence of gender disparity. A full-time women employee earns 78 cents of every dollar a male earns, this ratio differs from one state to another and it varies from 91cents in DC to 66 cents in Louisiana(2) shows the un-uniformity among the state laws. Many people hide their gender identity in the workplace, to get recognized for their talents, because they are afraid that the gender bias may restrict their growth. In the screenshot below from Equal Employment Opportunity data analysis, it is clear that the presence of women in the workforce globally is still 40% less than men and the White race still has the majority of the jobs in the US (15).

In this chapter, you will learn about different types of discrimination in the work place and how to implement effective policies to eliminate such situations.

Figure 1- Workforce by

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