Sexism In Video Games

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Video Games. Video Gaming has been a popular form of entertainment in modern pop culture since the early 1980’s. From the early beginnings of software producers such as Nintendo, they have been creating games that have become favorable classics in only a few decades. With the most popular classic video games including Super Mario Bros. (1985), Donkey Kong (1981), Pac-Man (1980), and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998), we can quickly note some patterns. One of the patterns that we can note is all of the main playable protagonists within these games are male. The second pattern that we can note is the majority of the games listed above have a storyline written about rescuing a princess — one of the only notable female characters within the game. Along with this, the female characters are only story-advancing non-playable characters (NPC’s). When the online gaming community was first introduced and popularized in the early 2000’s, females in the gaming community quickly faced another obstacle; sexism. Anonymity within the gaming community has become more than a tactic to hide your identity. For the majority of female gamers in the gaming community, anonymity has become a crucial aid to avoid sexist comments and actions from other online players. According to a 2006 Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) report, women who were aged between 25-34 were out-playing males during non-console competitive gaming. Also from this report, we can note that in the UK women have

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