Sexual And Romantic Relationships : The Notebook, Knocked Up, And The Last House

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Sexual and romantic encounters are so widespread across different forms of media that its absence would be noticed. Not only do sexual and romantic references exist in explicit sex scenes, but in the form of sexual innuendos that are sometimes seen in programming for younger viewers. With the heavy presence of sexual and romantic references or situations in the media, it came without difficulty to select three different types of romantic and erotic encounters in movies. I examined sexual and erotic encounters in the following movies, which all are from a different genre. The Notebook, Knocked Up, and The Last House on the Left each contained strong examples of sexual/erotic encounters that displayed a heavy sexual emphasis in specific ways that reflected on the genre that the film is classified. The Notebook (2004) is a love story between two young adults in South Carolina. This film placed a heavy emphasis on relationship and romance, as it is a love story. The main characters, Noah and Allie, for the most part portrayed gender characteristics that coincided with the setting of the movie. While their relationship lasted, Allie was outgoing and outspoken and Noah, on the other hand, was quiet and allowed her to take the lead. Their relationship reached its turning point when Noah goes off to war, thus altering the way the two interact in the rest of the film. The explicit sex scenes featured in the film were of loving and intimate nature, which highlighted the film’s

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