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Assessment Task 1 This assessment consists of 3 sections, all of which must be completed. The instructions to complete this assessment are included on the following page. Follow the instructions with each question. When you are confident that you have met all requirements for this assessment task, upload your file for marking. Assessment Task 1: HR Strategy Scenario or background information A key role of Human Resource Management in any organisation is to ensure that the Human Resource Strategies enable the organisation to achieve its objectives. In this assessment, you need to analyse and examine an Australian company and describe their broader organisational strategy and the extent that the strategy is supported by the Human…show more content…
2. Based on your analysis of the company completed in task one, you are asked to develop the human resource requirements for this organisation. The following questions will guide you in the preparation of the report. Key focus areas for this section: PART A What are the key areas of focus for the HR strategy for this company? What are the future requirements for the workforce? Part B An external survey has identified the need for the Powerhouse Museum to address senior management communications and levels of bullying and harassment. As it is essential for Powerhouse Museum to comply with legislative requirements, identify at least three costs of ongoing bullying and harassment and provide a benefit of providing training to address this issue. Use the following simple cost-benefit template to record the analysis. One example has been provided for this task * Cost Benefit Analysis - template Decision to Implement Training for Managers – Bullying and Harassment | Cost | Benefits | economic costs to the business as staff will take time off work for stress and anxiety | overall decrease in bullying and harassment in the workplace | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | PART C Prepare a risk analysis of the risks to Powerhouse Museum if action is not taken to remedy the levels of bullying and harassment in the workplace. Use the risk analysis template attached.

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