The Role Of Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) On The Wider Organisational Strategy

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There are many factors that can determine the success of any organisation. It is not only limited to the physical assets such as machinery and technology, however it is the people working within the organisation bringing new ideas and special skills that can make a difference. This essay will investigate the influence of Human Resource Management (HRM) on the wider organisational strategy. A short description of HRM will be followed by a summary of its primary roles. Also, this paper will then critically assess these roles using qualitative examples in an attempt to determine the degree to which HRM really helps or hinders the organisation in achieving its strategic goals.
HRM is an approach to employment management, which aims to achieve a competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a committed and capable workforce using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques (Storey 2001). Ultimately, it focuses on the sharpening the ‘Labour’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ factors of production. This means that the business can produce a high quality product to consumers with hopes of outshining competitors and achieving its strategic aims.

(Figure 1, Factors of Production)
Furthermore, business strategy can be defined as the implementation of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for achieving these long-term aims (Johnson et al 2011). Therefore, HRM plays an important role in allocating human resources, which can assist in achieving
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