Shatoria Gwynn . Candidate, Colorado State University Global

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Shatoria Gwynn
Candidate, Colorado State University Global Campus

ATTN: Graduate Admission Committee

Let me first start by saying that I am so excited I have found a university that’s offers such an amazing Information Technology Management program to fulfill my educational needs. I currently have an Associates of Science in Science from Tidewater Community College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Management from Saint Leo University. After earning my degrees I have been working in the healthcare field, Marketing /Sales, but Banking Technical Healthcare I desired the most. I took an ITE introduction 610 course for the University of Maryland in 2015 to get a glimpse of information technology. Although this one course …show more content…

In spite what I was told, I gave the Air Force a try. I did not score high enough to get recruited, so then I started college within the same of year of graduating High School. The adjustments I have made to ensure that I would not encounter difficulties in my educational endeavors is by alternating my work and living environment, more flexibility in time, exercise weekly and changed my diet. A balanced lifestyle includes physical fitness and a healthy diet. I believe this allows students to focus mentally throughout their daily task or projects. I now see college as a second full time job with putting in at least twenty one hours a week of studying time at the library. Study sessions will insist on 3 hours Monday through Friday with a minimum of 5 hours on weekends. In addition to the changes that I have made in order to succeed, there are challenges in the aspect of coming into the Information Technology world with a healthcare background. Healthcare has its own language as well as the Information Technology. Even though learning the language of Information Technology will be a challenge I am confident in my strength in persistency. I’ve learned my strength is being persistent in finishing a task or goal. With diligence and persistency I will accomplish my goals. For example, an unexpected emergent situation occurred at work. There was an active shooter present within the building. .

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