Sheila Carr Strewart 's A Treaty Right And Education

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Sheila Carr-Strewart’s “A Treaty Right to Education” The school systems and the courses being taught are not up to proper standards for First Nations people. The author, Carr-Stewart writes the article “A Treaty Right to Education” to prove to her audience the schooling systems need to change and have been inadequate for many First Nations people. The author shows very strong arguments throughout her article. A main argument presented is that First Nations children deserve the proper education and teaching as non-First Nations children whom are provincially funded versus First Nations children’s education, which is federally funded. She argues that assimilation is a technique used by the crown in order to achieve their goals. The crown is slow and unwilling to help First Nations people in most cases, while this causes tension between the relationship of the crown and First Nations people. Lastly, another argument Carr-Stewart presents is a claim that the schools on reserves are inadequate and lack many fundamental pieces to a proper child’s education including: proper course material, funding, buildings and teachers. Carr-Stewart shows various strengths and weaknesses throughout her article “A Treaty Right to Education”. Repetition and unnecessary content is found within Carr-Stewart’s article. She shows repetition within her quotations and while adding unimportant information; she leaves out several important ideas that could have improved her article. While the article by

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