Shopping Habits Of Consumers : A Survey Research And Quantitative Data Essay

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4 Preliminary Findings
Based upon our survey research and quantitative data, we are able to draw a few conclusions about shopping habits of consumers. We had a sample size of 93 individuals, 53 of which were females and 25 of which were males. Due to our relatively large sample size, we were able to draw some conclusions regarding the population.
43.53% of respondents indicated that they shop for clothing and apartment items 2-3 times a month, 35.29% indicated they shop for these items 0-1 times a month and the remaining 21.18% indicated they shop for these items more than 4 times a month. We are able to conclude that people usually shop both online and in store, as 80.23% responded as such. The top four factors that are important to customers when considering an apparel store to shop at are price, quality, comfort and trendiness. We are able to conclude that Urban Outfitters has a high level of brand recognition because 100% of our respondents had previously heard of the company. 60.47% of our respondents have shopped at Urban Outfitters before and only 38.46% of the respondents have shopped there in the last 6 months. 41.18% of our respondents who had never shopped at Urban Outfitters before said they were extremely unlikely to start.

We performed a two-sample comparison of means test with the means of each factor in questions 7 and 10. Below are our hypotheses and test results:

Ho: There is no difference between the two mean ratings of each factor before and

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