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“No,” I scream, “get off me.” Tears obscure my vision, but soon release, streaking down my face. My body thrashes as I attempt to liberate myself from his grasp. His hungry lips plunge down on the exposed skin of my neck, whereupon I feel his tongue slither across my skin. “No,” I sob, unable to control my emotions or the shivering of my body. With his free hand, he reaches around my back, drawing me closer to him. I draw my knees towards my chest, and rest the flat of my feet against his stomach, forcing all my strength through my legs to push him off of me. As the gap between us widens, the fierce anger within his eyes penetrates my soul, terrifying me further. “You're such a tease, Eva,” he yells. “You want this as much as I do.” I …show more content…

Before I engage in a run, my panic-filled eyes dart around in front of me as I perceive a path through the forest. Branches and twigs catch my hair, yanking out strands as they become entangled, yet I keep running. Only until I hear the sound of John's engine fade away do I cease my running, and lean my shoulder against a tree as I take deep lung-fulls of air, all the while, my sobs remain heavy as comprehend what just happened. All around me is darkness. Only slithers of moonlight seep through the dense fir trees. With my mouth closed, my shuddered breaths drown out the eerie quietness. However, the pounding of my heart continues to deafen me. I retrieve my phone from my bag and illuminate it to expel light, as assess my surroundings. All around me are the dense trees, and I'm unable to ascertain the way back to the road. A panicked whimper escapes my lips as I envision spending the entire night out here in the cold. As my remaining energy depletes, I rest my hand upon the tree closest to me, caressing the roughness of the bark under my fingertips. My eye throbs, as does the cut just beside it. Consequently, my hand flutters up to cover the wound, though does little to abate the pain. The quivering of my body intensifies as the warm adrenaline disperses, allowing the chill to seep through to my bones. I can't stay here all night, I'll freeze to death. With no recollection of my path into the woods, I turn to what I believe to

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