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“ Oh! Wonderful but can you keep him out of combat as much as possible. He is lazy enough without a deathly injury.” said Mrs. Beaver in a quiet voice “ just don't tell him I said that, if you don't mind Grif.” The group gave a heartfelt laugh that had all the soldiers look up at them. Most of the men and women on the field bowed, saluted, or kneeled at the sight of the Queen. This also caused Mr. Beaver and Mr. Tumnus to rush up the hill to greet them. The group than sat there on the hill discussing what they would do if the South were to come earlier than they expected. Grif of course offered to trap the South in the castle and blow the place to bit. But that was out of the option as soon as he said blow up. The group decided they would …show more content…

“ Now run!” The white tiger took off faster than lightning. She was half way there after she jump of about three dwarfs to get to the castle doors. About a thirty minutes later Ilsa was running back over with and piece of paper and a pen in her mouth. “ Hurry we must find King Dalton the third before he burns this place to the ground!” exclaimed Mrs. Beaver. The group then set off at a brisk run , but Queen Kayley had to ride Ilsa because she was wearing heels and she could not run without breaking an ankle. Finally after dodging arrows and flying swords the reached King Dalton the third. He had the guards leave all of their weapons at the entrance so then there would be no way any harm could come to the King of the South. At last they arrived in the base for the enemies. “ What is it that you need from me Queen Kayley?” bellowed Dalton “ I have come with a peace treaty.” said the Queen with a bow. “ Let me see it first.” purred Ilsa “ What for.” said the Queen as Ilsa breathed on it and it made a duplicate. “ Wow, now let me see this treaty. I feel like I am going to lose this battle if any more of my soldiers die.” responded the King. The Queen handed over the treaty as the South soldiers came rushing through the trees yelling “Retreat Retreat” The West soldiers followed right after them. “GRIF! Leave them be right now!” yelled Queen Kayley. “ But your highness…”

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