Should Americans Have Free Healthcare?

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Imagine having terrible throat pains, having a burning headache, and moving anything somewhat hurts. Going to the hospital as an american in America would be a good idea, but going will hurt in more ways than physical. Today visiting the hospital for strep throat can cost up to $531.00. An important topic discussed in America is “Should americans have free healthcare?” In America americans do not have free health care. All over the world health care is a service that can help pay for most things medical, like medicines, doctor visits, and medical procedures. Most evolved countries have this today, like the United Kingdom, but countries like the U.S do not. This means that most americans need to pay the full price for those things. That is …show more content…

Both of these things tell that having health care can save many things. Knowing that healthcare can save lives it can also save the money in wallets. Seeing that money makes up the economy it is no surprise free healthcare is important. With free healthcare it can really help the economy in many ways. One reason why is the fact that when people are sick they have to stay home from work. Since they have to stay home, they cannot work which means it slows the company down by not keeping up with productivity. If people had free healthcare they can then go to the doctor and get what they need so they can get back to work quicker. Secondly there are some folks out there that have “Job Lock”. This means they are tied to their job because of a certain reason, and this reason is health care. Some companies offer free healthcare and because it is so expensive having to pay for it yourself people do not want to leave in fear of their health. These pair of facts display that free healthcare helps with people 's jobs and businesses. In addition with the fact that people have to pay ridiculous prices for their medical needs people just have to pay them. Having to pay that could put people in debt if they do not have the amount of money necessary. Following this facts having debt hurts us in many ways. With so much debt around America there is no surprise that an average american is around $50,000 in debt according to “”. Showing these tells that out

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