Should Britain Join The European Union For Economic Reasons? Essay

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Britain decided to leave the European Union for economic reasons in what the world has called, “Brexit”; the British Exit. The Prime Minister and many of his supporters believed that the EU was impeding on British sovereignty as well as British interests, such as trade, economic spending, and immigration. This is relevant to Americans because with the recent election, many are comparing Donald Trump’s election to be president to Britain leaving the European Union. It is said that some of Trump’s supporters believed that there needed to be a change. Those people believed that the past governments were also impeding on American sovereignty, along with American trade, economic spending and immigration. So the American “brexit” is seen as the people electing Donald Trump. But the Brexit has had many effects that are not encouraging. It has reduced global economic growth already in the short term, which could extend to the long term and effect global markets more than it has already. The main global issue that the Brexit has caused global economic growth to decline, and this decline is expected to extend to the long term if things keep going this way. A main reason that this Brexit has caused global economic growth to decline is because Germany and the United Kingdom work closely together, as well as much of other parts of Europe. Because Germany’s automotive industry is very dependent on the United Kingdom. The Brexit is reducing British imports by 12.5 percent which will
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