Should Bullies Go To Jail Research Paper

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Should Bullies Go To Jail?

Bullies should not go to jail unless they physically use weapons to scare or to use them on other kids. Kids sometimes bully other kids because they were either were bullied or just mad at themselves. When kids bully others,they are being very harmful and are not respecting others. Bullies might have had a hard time getting along with family,that might give them a hard time making friends since they might not bond or get along with family. Bullies not always mean,they might have lost a very important person or just want to be alone,and some bullies maybe have had to move away from someone that was special to them and just are really sad,but they handle it with anger.

Some kids might have really bad anger issues and don’t know how to handle it without letting all the anger out on other people. Kids sometimes might go overboard and might not know what they are doing,like not being able to handle their anger. Sometimes kids don’t get enough attention from family or parents. Kids being as bullies,might me sad or lonely and don’t know what do except for maybe be mad and don’t know how to express it without being mad or sad. Sometimes kids are mad all the time and don’t know how they are making other people feel and don’t know how mad they are getting,especially at other people they are getting mad at for about 50% no reason it’s like. …show more content…

Bullies can sometimes be abusive or might tease you in a hurtful or a making fun of you way. The bullying problem has gotten to far or serious to handle at school,that is why we have to get the police in to handle the

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