Should Cell Phones Be Banned In School

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In todays’ world, probably everyone that you know, has a cellphone. In 2015, seventy-three percent of all teens either have, or have access to a cellphone (Brenner). Nowadays, the use of cellphones in school can be a variety of reasons. Cellphones can be used for cheating on tests/quizzes, sharing notes, and cyber-bullying other students. La Porte County has pretty strict policies for phone use while in class. If seen on a phone while in class, the student will obtain a referral, their phone will be taken, and if the student still uses their phone in class, they will lose the privilege of having their phone (La Porte). But, are the rules not strict enough? If more than ninety percent of students are using their phones for non-class related activities during class, they obviously aren’t (Jaschik). In the students’ best interest, cellphones should be banned from schools. Are you more willing to give up your phone for a week, or your shoes? Surprisingly, twenty-one percent of iPhone users chose shoes for this question (Gilbert). All together, we are addicted to our phones, and teenagers are the worst when it compares to text messages. Compared to all other age groups, teens are the worst, sending an average of three thousand and thirty-nine text messages a month (Parr). At the end of a school day, at almost any school, you can look around and see multiple people pulling their phones out to check them. Being on your phone doesn’t just distract you from your school work, but it
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