Should Chewing Gum Be Allowed In School

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Should Chewing Gum Be Allowed In School?
By: Cheyenne T

Yumm…...Chewing gum, but wait, what are the disadvantages of gum?
In my opinion I disagree that “Should chewing gum be allowed in school?”
In my opinion I think chewing gum should not be allowed in school.
My first reason on why I disagree is, chewing gum is already a BIG distraction in school. For example if a student is trying to focus on the lesson while someone is smacking their gum, it becomes a distraction to the person and they won’t get the full lesson.
In addition, chewing gum can cause tooth decay. Another example for tooth decay is that it causes people to spend a lot of money on their child to get their teeth fixed which takes up school time.

Finally the biggest reason

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