Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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How in today’s society is it equitable to have a person perform labor, benefit off of their actions and that person not being compensated? Each year over 400,000 collegiate student-athletes both male and female, compete on 3 different division levels nationwide. During the lifespan of these athletes’ careers a select few become the face of their respective universities, who in turn generate uncountable amounts of revenue. Over the past couple of years the debate of paying college athletes has heated up and has been argued whether paying student-athletes would take the amateurism out of the game. Both ways they are involved and providing illegal services for cash to survive in a financially strapped economy. At what point does the NCAA …show more content…

Although these payments aren’t mandatory it could cause an imbalance in the “arms race” as only major conferences would be able to afford it. This competition will probably taint the competition level of college sports for the foreseeable-future.

Over the past 30 years some of college sports most famed athlete’s legacies have been tarnished due to scandals. As a result to the scandals not only are players affected but their schools, along with coaching staffs, depending on the specifics of the NCAA violations. Incidents have dated way back to the 1980’s where both SMU (Southern Methodist University) along with the “Bad Boy Miami Hurricanes” were found of guilty of arguably two of the NCAA’s worst and most televised violations of all time. In 1988 after already being previously on probation as a program, the SMU football team was hit with the most severe penalty possible to a college athletic team, “The Death Penalty”. The penalty insisted the program was to be suspended for two years and football was not to be resumed in University Park until 1989. Not only did the program lose its eligibility but they also sacrificed 55 scholarships over a 4 year span, which to date is the harshest penalty the NCAA has handed out. This penalty and sanction alike came about when investigators had discovered 13 student athletes of that respective team decided to accept cash gifts from a

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