Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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College athletes should get paid!!! Do you think it is unfair that college athletes work so hard and don’t get paid? Yes, it is unfair because they literally work over half of their week practicing and they never have time to get a job and provide for themselves, and never get to see their families and friends and they miss holidays and birthdays. While some believe college athletes are already fairly compensated through scholarships and other perks. College athletes should get paid because college sports are like a jobs, and you are their so much you don't have time to get a job. Also they work so hard they deserve some money! College sports is like a job because when not at school they are at practice so that’s one reason you should get paid. They never really get to see your family so when they do see their family they need money …show more content…

They are their so much they don’t really get to see their families and friends. So they might miss some birthdays and holidays, so they need money to send them or get them something. Or if they wanted to fly to go see them it would cost a lot if they live in a different state or even if they wanna drive they need gas money to get where they are going. A New York times writer Jay Bilas emphasizes that It is not immoral for the N.C.A.A. to make money off of athletics. But it is profoundly immoral for the N.C.A.A. to restrict athletes from receiving compensation while everyone else profits. Athletes do not need to be paid by the university as employees. But barriers to athlete compensation outside of the university should be removed. There is a lot of area in between strict amateurism and “pay for play.” Athletes should be allowed to operate freely in that area, just like every other student (Bilas). College players literally work so hard they need money to keep themselves healthy and hydrated so they can keep playing

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