Should College Students Go Trough?

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The Freshman Fifth-teen is a growing issue that many college students go trough. These pounds might seem like harmless weight but research supporting that the weight gained and bad eating habits learned in the first year off college can have negative effects on your life forever.Although it may seem like harmless pounds the freshman fifteen is an on going problems that more than half of the college students experience and suffer from as they grow out of their college career. the first research study Preventing weight gain in first year college students: An online intervention to prevent the "freshman fifteen". Eating Behaviors, discusses many topics of first college year weight gain but mainly focuses on eating behaviors. This study…show more content…
Developing these habits can be hard to break as explained by the individuals used in this study. These habits of always relying on eating out can lead to sign of heart disease and obesity. The obesity is at an all time high in the United States.The surroundings in a college life style are set up to learn to live and support your self. Supporting your self and while working on school work can be very time consuming causing you to rely on eating out There is another study by Refinery29 that states that the freshman fifteen is actually not as big of a potential problem. This study states “ on average men gain fourteen pounds from that start of the first semester till graduation ( average of 5 years) . Women who participated in this research study gained an average of 8.3 pounds in the same time average. Both instances were people didn 't gain nearly as much weight as the “freshman fifteen” would lead you to believe. This research study was done by Hannah Tikson, a health a wellness coordinator at Pepperdine university and all of her information about the freshman fifteen is stating this is just a myth and that people gain weight during this age of their life even if the social environment of a college town is or is not having influences. Weight gain in college in the first can be just a few harmless pounds but there is still research studies done to support that even if it is
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