Should Female Contruction Workers Earn the Same Wages as Male

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Ever since women have been able to vote, there have been more rights for women everywhere in America. Somehow in construction working, women get lower paid than men. Should they be paid the same as men? The working area is the same, so why is it that women have lower payments because of their gender? This should be a new rule, for women have the same exact rights as men. Everyone is working the same, so why not? Finally, this can reduce women strikes.

Working class women internalize their own oppression. These women learn the stereotypes that define their lives at an early age. Working class women strive to maintain the traditional feminine ideal while simultaneously struggling with the limitations of class.
To a significant extent, the
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Of the recent discussions, much of this has been influenced or at least based around Freud's theory of psychoanalysis and the his account of sexual development that follows from it. In very simplistic terms his account places masculine
Is the inequality between men and women a human universal
In this essay I will look at whether the inequality between men and women is a human universal, or whether there are or have been societies in which women shared ... sexuality at its centre, making the penis the only recognised and valued sexual organ (Smart). Female sexuality is constructed as lack of or a void because her genitals offer us nothing to see (Irigaray), thereby her desire is framed as an urge to come to possess the valued organ, which is the penis. Freud's account of sexuality was initially dismissed by Kate Millett in 1969 as she argued his ideas were self-interested and just plain silly, however in
Human Sexuality
Explain the components of Human Sexuality. In your explanation include the definition of Gender we constructed in class. The components of Human Sexuality ...
1974, Juliet Mitchell brought Freud back into feminism (Smart). She argued that his references to the penis shouldn't be taken so literally, in attempt to split the symbolic phallus from the biological penis, the problem however remerged because men have both power and penises, so penis continued collapsing in the phallus
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