Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?

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Everyone, regardless of gender orientation or sexual preference deserves equal rights, such as marriage, feeling comfortable with whom they are, and being treated like any other human being. Right now gay marriage is a hot topic in many states, however, what say should the government get in who you love and want to marry? Beyond a court room, research has been done on the idea of transgenderism and what causes people to be like that or if people are truly born in the wrong body. The people who are considered “abnormal” in society actually proactively protest for equal rights for themselves. Truly though, they are still human and should not have to fight to get married or be lab rats in a scientific study. Gay marriage has come into a spot light in the past few years. Currently only 17 of the 50 states allow same-sex marriage in the United States (ProConorg Headlines). 33 states still have a ban on same sex marriage within state limits (NCSL). Massachusetts is currently one of the states that allow marriage between 2 people of the same gender (Law Libraries). A poll taken in Massachusetts stated that 85% of people said that it had positive or no impact (NBC News Digital). This means that 2 people of the same gender who get married really has no effect on the

public in a whole, which means that the government should not be making a big deal of something that has such a little impact on the public. In the Loving versus Virginia

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