Should High School Students Be Allowed To Use Personal Laptops And Phones In Class?

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Use of Electronics in Class Should high school students be allowed to use personal laptops and phones in class? Using electronics starting at a young age will teach children’s brains to become highly dependent upon them for everything. When our brains become dependent upon electronics, it makes everyday activities more difficult to complete without them. The use of laptops and phones should not begin until the age of ten or later. Therefore, by the time one reaches the high school level one’s basic skills should have been developed and the use of electronics will be easier on the brain. High school students should be allowed to use personal laptops and phones in class because they will help prepare students for college, make it easier to take notes and type papers, and help save students money. Being allowed to use personal laptops and phones in class will better prepare high school students for college in a few ways. Most college professors will allow their lectures to be recorded by their students. One purpose of high school is practicing skills needed later in life; therefore, the use of phones to record lessons or take pictures of the work assignment will help eliminate problems because if the students have any technical problems their teacher can help by showing them how to fix their issue. Also, using a laptop makes it much easier for students who can type faster than write to take notes. Taking notes on a laptop will also help keep them neat, organized, and

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