Should High School Students Receive A Driver's License?

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If only people with a high school diploma were able to receive a driver's license then it would not be helping the community; but rather hurting it. Currently, whoever passes a driver's test and has enough hours of experience driving is able to receive a driver's license. This makes it easier for students to get to work and it benefits multiple groups of people that may not necessarily be students. If a law is passed that would ban "uneducated" people from being able to drive, then a lot of things will be affected in a negative way.
If we restrict people who have not yet passed high school from receiving a driver's license, then students would no longer be able to drive their siblings to school. This poses a real problem for transportation for everyone involved. The parents will either have to drive them to school themselves, find a trusted carpool, or send them in buses to school. If the parents chose to drive their kids, then they would probably arrive late to their work. If the parents chose a carpool, there's always a risk that the driver may be involved in an accident, for one reason or another. As well as this, if the parents chose to send their children in buses, then
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As someone ages, and the brain finishes developing, learning new skills becomes much harder to do. Memorizing the different road signs and learning exactly how to handle potentially dangerous situations would only become more increasingly difficult the longer someone has to wait to be enrolled in a driver's ed course and get their license. Because of this standard put on getting a diploma, or a traditional education, learning an equally important skill set would be disregarded, and could potentially make the roads more
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