Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalization of Marijuana Today, the idea of marijuana (cannabis) being legalized has created major controversy within the United States. In the article, “Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Discussed,” Paul J. Nyden discusses the legislation of the legalization of marijuana use, especially for medical purposes. Nyden presents several reason’s to support his thesis, but the main issue is, should supporters of marijuana legislation in West Virginia back various reform laws saying they could offer people medical help, create new state tax revenues, cut prison cost, and enhance an industry already booming underground (Nyden). Some ideas used in Nyden’s article stating most people even delegates like Mike Manypenny, and D-Taylor backing the legislation focusing on the medical use of marijuana, not recreational uses of Marijuana (Nyden). Delegate Manypenny states, “I do support decriminalizing small amounts for people getting caught. It would reduce the impact on our prison system. But my main goal is to legalize the ability of doctors to recommend it for a patient for a chronic ailment” (Nyden). While Manypenny’s claim does support the use of medical marijuana in chronically ill patients, there are some claims which support the use of both medical and recreational marijuana and why these opinions continue to change as years go by. In the late 1920s marijuana was primarily used in the south and southwest parts of the country, where the majority of habituates were of Mexican…

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