Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The consumption of marijuana has long been outlawed around the world. A taboo in most countries, cannabis is now considered a dangerous drug that can lead to disastrous side effects on the human body. This misconception has led to prohibition on marijuana, thus penalizing its consumption and further spreading the misconceptions around the drug. The controversy here lies in the fact that most negative effects attributed to marijuana are sourced from misconceptions, which are in turn hurting the prospect of medical research on the beneficial, therapeutic attributes of the drug. Yet, an increasing number of studies is proving that marijuana, used for medical purposes yields beneficial results. Acknowledging the fact that marijuana us not as harmful as people assume it to be, and that it has many health and psychological benefits, and that it is a cheap alternative to traditional therapy, I believe that Medical Marijuana should be legalised.
Medical Marijuana is not as harmful as most believe to be. However, due to the fact that marijuana has always been shown in a bad light, most would believe the exaggerated claims made on its side effects (Welsh,, 2014). A result of this situation is that a majority believes that marijuana is harmful, and boldly refuse any discussion on the subject. This sentiment has dug itself so deep in the minds of the population that marijuana consumption has become such a taboo subject that even experts and researchers are unable to freely…

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