Should Medical Marijuana Be Used as a Medical Option?

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Should marijuana be used as a medical option? Should marijuana be used as a medical option? Researchers suggest that marijuana’s active components are potentially effective in treating pain, nausea, and vomiting. Anti-emetics are also effective against vomiting and nausea; doctors can also prescribe painkillers to treat pain if necessary. Why should the United States need to legalize marijuana? Chronic use of marijuana can have negative effects. Prolonged use of marijuana can cause lung damage, mental health issues, impair cognitive abilities, there is a high potential for abuse and it is illegal. Medical marijuana should not be used for medical purposes because it does more harm than good. Any type of smoke, when it is inhaled…show more content…
Some researchers believe that marijuana reduces the eye pressure with glaucoma, reduces muscle spasms cause by multiple sclerosis, and para and quadriplegia. There are already medications that assist in giving these kinds of patients some sort of relief. The objective is to help these patients get better not help them develop other health issues. Prolonged use of marijuana can lead to long lasting depression, anxiety, affects short term memory, and the skills we need to carry out task from the simplest to the most complex. (Miller, 2012 November) “The single, most consistently reported behavioral effect of cannabinoids in humans is an alteration of memory functioning.” Marijuana can produce paranoia, because it has the ability to change your brains perception of the world. It also has negative effects on the motivation system. Majority of the people who smoke marijuana are self-medicating themselves, but the relief is temporary. (Procon, 2012) Currently there are 18 states that have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Marijuana is already easier to get than cigarettes or alcohol because drug dealers don’t ask for identification. Some people think that taxing the marijuana and regulating it will make it less accessible to children. Regulating it will not stop anything, those who want it will still be able to get it the same way they have been getting it because, approved individuals currently need a
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