Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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There are many jobs that most people couldn’t imagine having whether it’s because it’s too great to be in there reach, or because they wouldn 't dare of doing such a thing. One of these unthinkable jobs is prostitution. It is said to be “one of the oldest professions, “yet it’s not viewed as that in our society. There 's no box for it when you fill out what your career is. This may seem crazy to some. However, I think that prostitution should be legalized. Prostitution may not be the go-to occupation, but does this give the government the right to make it illegal? Making prostitution illegal has obviously failed, especially since we are seeing authority figures such as “lawyers, police officers, teachers, politicians, and even some…show more content…
So, prostitutes go back to their old ways since they don’t have a lot of options now. A common argument against prostitution is that the job is degrading and exploitative. However, there are many people who have degrading jobs, yet those are legal. For example, there are jobs that involve people stripping, cleaning houses, bathrooms, animal cages, etc., which I 'm sure is degrading. However, it’s legal! People sell themselves all the time as well: blacksmiths sell their skills, bodyguards sell their strength, models sell their looks, and writers sell their minds and ideas. Of course, these are not as “extreme” as prostitution is, but the same idea is still there. In this “free country”, people can have sex with whoever they want and it’s whatever, but just because some people put a price on it, it suddenly becomes a problem. Even in modern times if you, “mention prostitution to someone you will usually see them react with disgust, while any mention of legalizing prostitution is often met with laughter, incredulity, or shock” (Weitzer 3). We are in the 21st century, yet this idea is still being treated as if we were in 30 AD. Many of us are still stuck in our old ways, and look at what good that has done. A woman, man, transgender, whatever that person might be, should be allowed to do

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