Should Public Schools Require Students?

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Should Public Schools Require Students To Wear Uniforms?

A Research-Based Toulmin Argument Paper

Vondre M. Richardson

Lone-Star College System

This paper was prepared for English 1302, taught by Professor Oberle.
Public school is a huge necessity of a childhood that is affected in many ways, and with dress code being one of them it is imperative to make the right decision. In regards to public school, uniform may or not be required but I believe that it should be. The leniency of uniform in public schools can have a vast amount of negative and also positive impact on direction, influence and guidance with both the teachers and students alike.
Public schools grant children and teens the opportunity to learn and grow together but without uniform sometimes a disruption can be created against that unity. School is apart of the developmental learning and growth that prepares its students for adult hood; one way to ensure that is to practice discipline, which I believe uniform compliments. None uniform clothing can shine light on a lot of things; some students and even teachers can potentially fall under the wrong light that may result into them being a target for bullying. In public school you encounter a lot of different faces and even more outfits. When focusing on the clothes someone is wearing a student or teacher may discover a common interest. If one finds another person’s uniform of choice appealing they may engage in further steps to unity. Friendships

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