Should School Uniforms Be Allowed?

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Have you ever been asked or had a debate over if school dress codes should be allowed?
Well I have and I believe that it should not be allowed. Many students argue that they think that the dress code in school is irrelevant. I too believe that it is irrelevant. I believe that if they will not let us wear the clothes that we may want to wear is taking our right to express ourselves. The school board thinks that if they have dress code their education scores will be higher. Uniforms takes our right to express ourselves. Students should be allowed to wear outfits that let them express their personality. I for one believe that nobody would like to wear outfits to school that boring and dull. Also because if students wear uniform some of the students will think that they do not look good and that will cause them to keep on thinking about what will others think of them and it will maybe cause them to have very low self esteem and cause them to start becoming isolated and become an introverted person.
Students go to school for education the school board believes that if students wear uniforms then the education rate will increase but that is actually wrong because if students are able to wear something to school that makes them comfortable then they will focused more and if they focused more the higher the chance of their education rate to increase than being in outfit that makes them uncomfortable because it will cause them to just think about how uncomfortable the outfit is

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