School Dress Code Essay

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Children and Teenagers express themselves by what they wear. That is one of the biggest arguments schools have and the overall biggest problems is dress code. Teenagers and children like to feel free and wear things that make them unique. Dress codes does not really affect the way students learn. I think that children should be able to wear what they want to school and not get sent home for it being to provocative or inappropriate.
As I mentioned in the first paragraph children and teenagers have to express themselves by what they wear. It makes them who they by what they wear. It makes them who they are but schools these days have dress codes that’s are absolutely ridiculous. Some schools have done away with girls not allowed to wear
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I don’t know why it’s such a crazy thing this year but it is, they need to focus more on the violence not the dress codes. Kids need to express their uniqueness not wear the same thing as everyone else, it’s not fair to them that they are treated like people are in prisons with the suits on.
In general schools, dress codes are very important to the principal, because they think kids wearing a certain clothing cause’s violence, bullying, fights, and distractions. I know there have been so many shootings, violence but schools around here not have to be punished from all of these big cities problems. Because some surrounding schools have uniforms, which would be awful for kids to wear. I mean if kids have inappropriate language on their clothing make them put tape on it or inside out, like it was back years ago when society wasn’t completely violence. Big cities have such a problem with violence, and bullying and they blame it on the dress codes. In some cases it could be the problem but not always, because most of the time it’s just a teenager trying to act out in anger, which they go off the deep end and do something crazy and then end up in jail.
Other people think differently, they believe kids need to dress the same way, this saves bulling of the system. These people think that dress shorts, shoulder tops, hoodies, baggy clothing, etc. have children look and feel different from other students. Dressing the same way makes everyone feel the same
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