Should School Uniforms Be Taken Away?

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School uniforms are everyday clothes for kids all across America. Students have been taken away their first amendment right to be able to express themselves freely and that is not right. There are many reasons that school uniforms should be taken away and these are just a few. School uniforms restrict students from being able to express themselves, the students oppose the uniforms, and uniforms have an effect on self-image.
The first reason students should not be wearing uniforms is because it is restricting students on being able to express themselves. The first amendment states that all individuals have the right to express themselves freely. So why should that right be taken away from students. According to American Civil Liberties, it
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Some may say that the uniforms will help with grades and fights, but that was not the case. Students took and survey and the results were reviewed by the students at the University of Nevada. According to the results, 90% of seventh and eighth grade public school students did not like wearing uniforms and also in 2007, a survey of Harford County, MD public school student found that 87.9% of students were opposed of wearing the school uniforms. According to, “In the year following the introduction of mandatory school uniforms to the Long Beach (CA) Unified School District, 81% of middle school students said uniforms did not reduce fights,” The survey later showed that “76% said they did not help them fit in at school, 69% said they did not make them feel more connected with the school community, and 71% said they felt no safer traveling to and from school.” This information shows that uniforms did not benefit students in some of the main aspects of school. That is the second reason why students should not have to wear school…show more content…
Self-image is very important to a student. According to, “When students have to wear the same outfits, rather than being allowed to select clothes that suit their body types, they can suffer embarrassment at school.” Some of the problems about school uniforms is that everybody has to wear the same outfit, so that can lead to students comparing how they look in their uniform to another. In A 2003 study by researchers at Arizona State University found that "students from schools without uniforms reported higher self-perception scores than students from schools with uniform policies." Also, some uniforms can be uncomfortable and that may not be conductive to
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