Should Students Still Have To Wear Uniforms In Australia Essay

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At a young age, many students in Australia attend a public school that are required to include uniforms. For example, an elementary school in Beaumont Hills of Sydney has handy and safe uniforms that bring the community together. Since the temperature is very high from the dramatic heat of the sunrays, all students are required to wear their sunproof hat to eat lunch outside. Despite the fact that this is a public school, uniforms can give the environment improved assistance and equality. Should students still have to wear uniforms? Students at Cosumnes Oaks need to wear uniforms.

First off, when you want students to keep a healthy community, staying in school spirit by wearing a uniform is the solution. “It makes handing down uniforms easier
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In Times-News Julie's transcript said, “We felt the uniforms would be an integral part of our character education.” A majority of students surveyed agreed that cleaning uniforms each day is a good habit to have as an effect on your work ethics including at school and with education. Without delay, Malcolm responded during his interview on school uniforms, “There would be a positive effect on grades when wearing a uniform because it would cause less distraction”. Wearing a uniform can cause bad grades if you you depend on it to help your grades, but in a larger sense it can help your grades by the representation behind it. Back to the episode in Australia, the reason why the public school was a great experience was because of the uniforms. For a fact, the majority of public schools uniforms in Australia made the schools more free and fun than American schools. The learning experience was great because students didn't have to worry about what they wore but what they learned. At a young age everyone started learning a language and instrument. Classes were included with this. Since people at the schools didn't get into fights on how they dressed, they replaced that negative time by playing card games, with toys, communicating, and doing work as one/together. Today, the Australian discipline culture stands and grows with the benefit of school uniforms.

All things considered, Cosumnes Oaks
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