Should Tablets Be Used? Schools All Over The Nation?

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You are scrolling through your phone trying to find the right song as you wait in line to pick up your pizza. The same pizza that was ordered online just half an hour ago. The plan is to stay in tonight and binge watch the latest season of American Horror Story on your new laptop. Most things you do are only a tap away. Nowadays, an individual can do most things online requiring minimal scrolls and taps. With so many advancements in technology, life has become much more convenient. With modern technology becoming a total phenomenon for civilization, it should be a key aspect to education. Students should be prepared for their future careers where they will most likely be using technology. With all these improvements and advancements, …show more content…

So far, they have spent $30 million on 35,000 Ipads (Alvarez). In fact, there are already about 10 million tablets in schools according to Apple Inc (Iasevoli 26). Many people might argue that tablets are expensive, but the schools cover those costs. Schools are wanting to be able to provide easy access to tablets, so they provide them in classrooms. In some schools districts, an individual is able to check out a tablet to take home. Tablets are used in schools everywhere that the United States is not the only place using tablets. Places all over the world are turning to tablets; for example like South Korea plans on switching every classroom to e-textbooks (Tate). People are realizing was tablets are able to offer in schools, and are making the switch.

Tablets are more beneficial than textbooks because they are light and easy to carry around. One of the problems that students face in school are heavy backpacks, but with tablets weighing less than two pounds, that problem can be easily eliminated. Back problems in school are from carrying textbooks, supplies, and personal belongings. Heavy backpacks can add unnecessary weight causing the spine to compress unnaturally. That is what causes pain in the shoulder, neck, and back. The rates for backpack related injuries are higher for younger children because their small size are carrying heavy backpacks. Many doctors and physical therapists suggest that students should not carry more

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