Sickle-Cell Research Papers

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Every second a new human being is born and with every new human there is a different characteristic that defines that person, such as their Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). When humans are born, they come into a world that is filled with numerous type of bacteria’s, viruses, and even fungi, but thankfully we have an immune system that is great at fighting invading agents that are trying to damage our health and body. However, some Homo sapiens are born with certain diseases that may be hereditary or are just part of a mutation. For example, sickle-cell is a disease that is inherited, and it affects many people in the United States and around the world. Sickle-cell can be a horrible disease to live with because of the horrific effects that it can have on a human being, but in some countries, that are plagued with numerous of viruses or diseases, sickle-cell can help some of those individuals thrive in those types of environments. In Kenya, …show more content…

Being heterozygous helps individuals thrive in a dangerous environment plagued with diseases. However, not everyone is lucky enough to acquire the heterozygous allele, some individuals must live the rest of their lives with sickle-cell and they are also prone to other diseases. Furthermore, being a carrier of the homozygous (SS) allele can increase your chances of dying if the person becomes infected with another virus or disease. Moving along, my research also determined that there is a need for more neonatal screening since Africa is susceptible to numerous types of diseases, and sickle-cell being one of them. Another important subject to bring up is that sickle-cell may have been brought to Africa by people migrating from Southern Arabia and India, or it may have been a mutation that took

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