Signal Flow:VI4 is a Digital Soundboard Provided by Soundcraft

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Signal Flow: VI4

The VI4 console is a Digital Soundboard provided by Soundcraft which features 3 input banks of 8 channels for up to 48 total mono inputs, 1 output bank of 8 channels for up to 27 outputs, 24 insert sends/returns and 24 total buses which can be used as groups, aux or up to 16 total matrixes as well as midi in/out and 2 power supplies, one for main and another as an auxiliary for redundancy. Its Local rack has 19 analogue inputs, 8 pairs of AES/EBU, 16 GPIO In/out and a 64ch MADI In. The Stage rack offers 48 analogue inputs, 24 outputs and 8 GPIO in/out.
Signal Starts with the microphone on one end connected into the stage box with standard XLR cables, which through analogue to digital conversion in the box, is then sent out into the local rack via Ethernet networking which sends uncompressed, low latency audio signals over standard Ethernet network. Type of cable used determines the maximum distance connection can travel until it begins to have a loss, ie; 80m for Standard Cat5e, 130m for Cat7, 1500m with single optical fibre and 600m with 3x200m reels of multimode 50/125 optical fibre in series. Aside from a main out for the Ethernet cable there is an auxiliary out to act as redundancy in the event that the primary Ethernet cable runs into any problems. The Local Rack acts not only as another A/D Converter if any mic is connected from this point but also as the Digital Signal Processor which enables mathematical manipulation of analogue signals which

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