Signs Of A Man Is A Perfectionist

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There are some very definite signs when a man is a 'Perfectionist" You may want to know if he is, before you go any further with this type of man. "Perfectionistic" men can be very difficult people just to be around, no less dating, or getting serious with. You may want to know what your dealing with. To some, the signs may be obvious, to others they have no clue what to look for. I grew up with a "Perfectionist" namely my Dad, and have dated them as well. I even married one. I will never, ever date one again. And forget about marriage to one. Life is too short. So, if you really want to know what to look for, cause you don 't want one either, keep on reading. The problem with most 'Perfectionists", is that they not only expect …show more content…

I have one of those magnifying mirrors. I didn 't see any pimples. Well, just to make sure, I looked in my compact mirror. Unbelievable, it was the smallest pimple on earth, you needed a magnifying glass to see it. But he saw it. There 's your second sign, He sees faults, or imperfections that are so small, it 's ridiculous. Trust me, this man would be your own personal critic for the rest of your life. Are you game? Not me, not anymore. A few months after Bill and I were married, I had an accident, and smashed my arm really bad. It still to this day has a large dent in it. Anyway, I was so upset when it happened, I started to eat to comfort myself. So, of course I put on some weight. Here we go. I had no idea, being I was nice and slim when I met Bill, that he had a thing about women and weight. The little remarks started coming about my weight, and he didn 't want to take me out anymore. It was devastating. He only wanted me when I was slim and trim. This is another sign. He has issues with something about your appearance. You can never be quite right. This is one of the most important signs to look for. Why? Because this is the one that will hurt you the most. He will pick your appearance apart, till there is nothing left of you. He thinks he looks perfect, and so should you. Oh yes, be aware, this type of man for some reason is particularly fussy about his hair and shoes. A few years later after divorcing Bill, I met we 'll call

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