Silence Disclosure Style Analysis

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Opening up with someone could be scary, but it also strengthens the relationship based on the amount of information shared. Disclosure plays an important role as relationships develop (Alder 281). During the Thanksgiving week, Saman and Sana went through the “silence” disclosure style. More specifically, Saman went through the silence disclosure style. This disclosure style, one keeps their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Initially, Saman kept quiet about her feelings until it became too much for her to bear. This then turned to catharsis. Saman needed to get her feelings off of her chest in hopes to restore their relationship. In other words, she was trying to restore and maintain their relationship. Conflict is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from the other party in achieving their goals (Baker-Brown). A conflict can only exist if both parties are aware of the disagreement (Alder 381). This is known as an expressed struggle. An expressed…show more content…
Sana disagreed and stated that she did not want to repeat her day for the third time that day. This was the expressed struggle. Saman’s desired goal was to talk to her sister and hear about her day while Sana’s desired goal was to tell her family all together, at once, of her day. Both Saman and Sana were not receiving their desired goals. This was the compromise in perceived compatible goals. The perceived scarce resource in this certain situation was time. Sana did not have enough time to update all of her family members at once. In this particular conflict, Saman was relying on Sana to talk to her, but Sana was relying on her mother to repeat the message. Both individuals were interdependent on another individual. The interference in this situation was our upbringing and cultural
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