Conflict Within Events And Leisure Organisations Essay

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Conflict can be defined in various ways and has no single clear meaning. A broad definition of conflict is a serious disagreement or argument that generally continues for a long period of time, however according to Huczynski and Buchanan (2010) no conflict exists if two or more parties are not aware of any conflict. In terms of conflict within events and leisure organisations, De Dre and Beersma (2005) say that “conflict is best viewed as a process that begins when an individual or group perceives differences and opposition between him/herself and another individual or group about interests, believes or values that better to him or her.” Within organisations, the management of conflict greatly depends on the personality and characteristic of individual managers.
It is “not possible for all human begins to live in peace and harmony all the time” (Martin, 2005, p.750), therefore conflict within the workplace is inevitable and can arise within events and leisure organisations for many reasons. Personal factors are the main factor contributing to conflict. Differences in values and beliefs can often create conflict, as individuals will have alterations about the underlying purpose of an organisation, and how each other should act toward one another and customers. Unique personalities can also create conflict as it can result in people struggling to get along with one another, and therefore a ‘personality clash’ will occur (Rollinson, 2008, p.418). Another personal form of

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