Silver Diamine Fluoride Essay

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Summary 2 – Silver Diamine Fluoride for Caries Management The article I have chosen was obtained from the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) and is called “Silver Diamine.” The article begins by explaining what silver diamine fluoride is and how it is used in dentistry. Silver diamine fluoride is a product that has been used internationally to arrest caries and prevent new caries or further decay of the teeth from forming. This product is fairly new to the United States and is starting to replace the use of fluoride varnish in several dental offices. The silver in the silver diamine fluoride serves as an anti-microbial agent, killing bacteria and preventing more bacteria from growing on the tooth’s surface. When bacteria grow on the …show more content…

In this article, two of these studies are mentioned. One of the studies was conducted in Nepal with a sample size of 976 children from three to nine years of age. Each group received a different treatment for caries, except on group which served as the control group, receiving no treatment. The children that had received the 38% silver diamine application showed a significantly higher amount of arrested caries, and even after the two-year follow-up, still had a notable difference in their amount of arrested caries than those who did not receive that treatment. The other study mentioned in this article took place in China with a sample size of 375 children. In this study, each child was placed into one of five groups. In this study, the children receiving the 38% silver diamine fluoride once a year, had the best results with a higher amount of arrested caries than children that used other treatments, such as sodium fluoride every three months instead of one year. The children that received the sodium fluoride application on their teeth resulted having more arrested caries than the children that received no treatment. However, the silver diamine fluoride was the most effective treatment and required only one application per

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