Silver Water Essay

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1. What literally happens in this story?
The story Silver Water is about a mental illness that a family member is going through. The story is told by Violet in a first person perspective. She is the little sister of Rosie. Rosie is suffering from a mental illness and in the story, we see how the family deals with it. I read that they have many therapies and some were good but others weren’t. There was one therapy that the family liked, Dr. Thorne also know as “big nut”. Rosie would follow is medication everything was working out. But when the therapist dies everything goes back to worse. I can see that the mom was very worried and just wanted to help her daughter out. She didn’t want Violet to worry too much about it. The dad was also worried …show more content…

We all thought that at that point the story was going to go well, but we find out later on that he dies. Because of that, there needs to be a solution to the climax. I think this is the climax because the reader wants to continue reading wanting to know what happens next. The climax is like a cliffhanger we want to read until the end. The reader doesn't want to be hanging with the climax so when we keep on reading we read that Rosie illness just gets worse.
4. Do you think that Violet's actions at the end of the story are justified? Why or why not?
I think Violet's actions at the end of the story are justified because she didn’t stop her sister. She knew she wanted to stop her but she didn’t instead she sat next to her seeing her sister die.She obviously didn’t want that to happen but knew it was best for her and the family. Violent and Rosie knew she was suffering from that illness. With her death, she is in peace. The family also didn’t want to end like that but they knew Rosie fought long enough and it was time.
5. In the "Narratives" chapter, the author talks about strategies to write a good Narrative (i.e. dialogue, writing towards a climax, etc.). Which of these strategies do you see Bloom using in her

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