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1. What is an obstructive lung disorder?
COPD- preventable and treatable disease state characterized by chronic airflow limitation that is not fully reversible. The airflow limitation is usually progressive and associated with an abnormal inflammatory response of the lungs to noxious particles or gases, primarily caused by cigarette smoking.
2. What should the nurse consider when giving oxygen to the patient with an obstructive lung disorder and why?
-02 has an irritating effect in mucous membranes and dries secretions, therefore it is important that a high liter of flow of 02 delivering 35-50% be humidified when administered.
- Periodic reevaluations are necessary for the patient who using chronic supplemental O2
-Most patients
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prevention of disease progression. 2. ability to perform ADLs and improved exercise tolerance. 3. relief of symptoms. 4. no complications related to COPD. 5. knowledge and ability to implement a long-term treatment regimen, and 6. overall improved quality of life.
Teaching- Overall guide, what is COPD, breathing and airway clearance exercises, energy conservation techniques, medications, correct use of medications, psychosocial/emotional issues, management plan, health nutrition.

4. How does a nurse know when a person is experiencing respiratory failure?
Fever, increased cough and dyspnea, or other symptoms suggestive of exacerbation
-Use of B-adrenergic blocker may also exacerbate respiratory failure
-Use of indiscriminate sedatives, benzos, and opioid’s, especially in post-op patient who retains Co2, may suppress the ventilator drive and lead to respiratory failure
5. What does it mean to be in acute respiratory failure?
It results when one or both of these gas-exchanging functions are inadequate . It is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying pathology affecting lung tissue function, 02 delivery, cardiac output, or the baseline metabolic state. It is a condition that occurs because of one or more diseases involving the lungs or other body systems. Symptoms of this is hypoexia and hypercapnia.
6. What are the

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