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Evaluation of SIMVenture ‘Business Analysis and Practice’ Module Faculty of Business & Law Strategy and Business Analysis Subject Group Victoria Harte Research Officer & Prof Jim Stewart Institute for Enterprise March 2010 Contents Page 1. Introduction 1 2. Methodology 2 3. Discussion of Results & Analysis 3 4. Baseline data 4 5. Part 1 Section 1 7 Section 2 8 Section 3 9 Section 4 10 6. Part 2 Section 5 11 Section 6 12 Section 7 13 Section 8 14 Section 9 15 Section 10 16 Section 11 17 7. Discussion of lower end scale results 18 8. …show more content…

This is followed with a discussion about the results at the lower end of the scale and potential factors for that and finally a conclusion. All charts except for those in the section on baseline data are detailed in Appendix B. 1 2. Methodology The focus of the evaluation was, as discussed above, to assess the impact of the SIMVenture software on students and to report back on whether the financial investment of the Institute for Enterprise in purchasing the software had been value for money. The research methodology and design underpinning the evaluation and questionnaire was applied following a separate project undertaken by the Researchers investigating a new approach to evaluating enterprise education curriculum in higher education (Harte & Stewart, 2010; Stewart & Harte, 2010). Our methodology is key in this piece of research which is openly constructionist to take account of the heavy influence from numerous contextual factors which are discussed below but not least the student voice. The approach taken to evaluate the SIMVenture module was designed by applying the local contextual factors that are integral to the design and delivery of the actual module. These factors are contextual factors

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