Similarities Between Ancient Civilizations And Ancient Greece

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A Day in The Life of Greece & The Mayan Empire
Zoe Schneider
2nd Period

Greece and The Mayan Empire are two early civilizations that shared many similarities and differences in aspects such as economics, government, and culture. Although the civilizations have some similarities, daily life was very different in each civilization. Society in both civilizations was divided into the upper and the lower class. In Greece, the upper class consisted of people born in Athens. You had to be born in Athens to be in the upper class, because the rights of the upper class were inherited. People in the upper class handled all the government work, philosophy, and war. The Athens had the most power and rights than any other class. The lower class consisted of Metics, Freedman, and slaves. Metics were people who weren’t born in Greece but lived there. Metics typically had manufacturing and trading jobs. Freedman were once slaves but got freed by their owners. They had the least amount of rights, except for slaves who had no rights. Slaves were at the bottom of society and most of them weren’t even Greek but were rather brought back from war or were criminals. While in The Mayan Empire the upper class consisted of Kings who were considered the son of god and had the most power, followed by priests, and nobles who helped the king with decision making. The lower class consisted of officers and commoners who were professionals, officials, bureaucrats, merchants, and artisans, followed by

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