Similarities Between Finland And The Usa

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Finland and the USA have rather different animals from each other. Finland also has colder climate animals than the USA. First of all, Finland has wolverines. Wolverines are Europe's most rarest and largest carnivores. Finland is home to about 150-170 wolverines. However, the USA does not have this animals except in Alaska. The main reason of this is probably because of the fact that wolverines are very well adapted to northern climates. Wolverines can also move effortlessly through deep snow, so they are obviously built for snowy and cold climates. This is therefore a great reason for them to be found in Alaska. With that being said, even though that wolverines can be found in one of the USA’s states, Alaska, it can’t be found in it’s…show more content…
The USA and Finland both have the four seasons. Even though that Finland's weather conditions are less severe than the UAS. Of course, Finland does have, “Ruska,” an array of red and gold in the fall time, and a time in June and July when the sun never sets from the North of the Arctic Circle. However, the USA and Finland both also have about the same weather in the same seasons. Also, the length of the seasons is very similar as well. Some of the example of this are, fall September to November, spring April to May, and summer June to August. Also of course winter is roughly December to March. There are a few differences for Finland compared to the USA. These small differences are how snowfall starts October to mid-March during Lapland for Finland. A few differences for the USA compared to Finland is that the USA does have to worry about active volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Fortunately though, Finland does not have to worry about these natural disasters. Another difference for the USA is that they measure in fahrenheit, but Finland measures in celsius. However, a comparison is that both the USA and Finland use weather reports from weather services to know their weather daily and accurately. Accuweather is one of Finland’s and the USA’s weather source they both use. There are of course still numerous more relations with Finland and the USA when the topic is…show more content…
Finland has only about 187,000 lakes. That is basically nothing compared to the USA’s over 3 million lakes. However, the main reason for this is probably because the USA is much larger than Finland. Finland does has some amazing and breath-taking nature sites and activities that can not compare to the USA’s. Finland has Finnish sisu for winter, 5 day hike in Lapland, strange nature sites, and so many more. The USA has more common activities like in winter with, snowboarding, skating, skiing, and others. In Finland you can also paddle the Grand Lake Saimaa, do the cycle of the Archipelago Trail, and many others. The USA does have Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and several more, but none of them are more unique than in Finland. To add, in Finland you can camp anywhere you
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